The female orgasm: how to achieve female enjoyment?

Orgasm is the physical and psychological response of our body when we reach the supreme sexual pleasure. In women, how does this sexual pleasure translate, and what are the means to achieve it?

What is orgasm in women?

Orgasm is a physiological response that occurs during the peak phase of sexual arousal, which is associated with enjoyment and therefore, supreme pleasure. In women, it is physically translated by muscle contractions in the vagina and by a retraction of the clitoris, as well as an increase in heart rate. Nevertheless, all women do not feel the same when they reach enjoyment. Indeed, orgasm is the result of the combination of several physical and psychological factors. We can, therefore, experiment with different kinds of happiness, with more or less intensity, these varying according to people and contexts. Once orgasm is reached, hormones are released into the body, providing a feeling of well-being, calming and relaxation. Finally, the orgasm can be reached alone (we speak then of masturbation), or during a sexual relation, that there is penetration or not.

How to reach female enjoyment?

The first rule to reach enjoyment is to succeed in letting go and empty negative emotions in one’s head. To focus on one’s pleasure, one must not have the mind taken by annoyances, stress or anxiety. And orgasm also affects it: when it is reached, the brain releases hormones with relaxing and anti-depressant effects. Thus, the more you have orgasms regularly, the better you will succeed in reaching the next time. In the same way, it is crucial to stimulate one’s pleasure continually and to listen to one’s libido. Do you have particular desires in terms of sex (fantasies, the discovery of practices, masturbation)? So listen to your desire and try to satisfy it. This will allow you to understand your pleasure better and reach orgasm more efficiently, whether alone or as a couple.

Are there a clitoral orgasm and vaginal?

There are, strictly speaking, no two distinct orgasms, namely one achieved through stimulation of the clitoris and one vaginal. Indeed, the clitoris is an organ whose visible part, namely the glans located upstream of the lips, is minimal. Its inner roots, 10 centimetres long, surround the vagina and urethra. Thus, by stimulating the vagina or the G-spot, we also stimulate the clitoris! Orgasm is much more complicated than we think, and stimulation of the vagina and clitoris can also help achieve enjoyment. Note that it is also possible to reach orgasm by stimulating other parts of the body than the clitoris, vagina or anus. Indeed, in some people, the stimulation of erogenous zones such as breasts, neck or buttocks can lead to orgasm.

What are the positions to reach orgasm?

During sexual intercourse, certain positions are preferred to reach orgasm. However, there is no universal way of using that allows all women to achieve enjoyment. It’s up to you to determine the positions that best suit you, depending on what you prefer during sex: to be above and control the back and forth, in which case the Amazon or lotus may be recommended, Or, on the contrary, let the movements of your partner guide yourself, then the position of the missionary or the greyhound is to be favoured. Similarly, a position like that of the spoon can stimulate the vagina and clitoris from behind and can bring different sensations. If you are more receptive to anal stimulation, then sodomy or rimming can help you reach orgasm.

Reaching enjoyment through masturbation


Masturbation is also a great way to achieve female enjoyment. In addition to better knowing your body and discovering your desires, it allows you to have fun independently, where you want and when you want. Moreover, during masturbation, you are the master of the movements. Thus, this technique allows you to go at your own pace, and to vary the intensity or nature of the caresses. There are different ways to masturbate: with sex toys (vibrating eggs, vibrators, etc.), with his hands, or in the shower, using the jet of water. Stimulation can be done at the level of the clitoris, massaging the area around and then focusing on the “hood” of the clitoris. It can also be vaginal or anal, thanks to the penetration of your fingers or an object. Finally, to raise your sexual arousal, you can use masturbatory support, such as a film or erotic images.

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