The best ways to turn a woman on

Turning a woman on is not an easy task, especially because the techniques that may work for one woman do not work as well for another. There are many mistakes that are often made due to ignorance of how a woman’s mind works on a sexual level and what the differences are with men in terms of arousal.

We are going to teach you everything you need to know to be better in bed and to know how to arouse a woman and make her enjoy the experience as much as you do. These tips are from some of the most desirable Hyderabad escorts, who advertise on classified portals like Skokka.

All you need to know before you start

Women are not like men when it comes to sex, although they are also sexual beings, they don’t go from 0 to 100 in two seconds, with them you have to dedicate some time to warm up. You have to create a sexual tension between you and her.

It consists in giving her a little lime and a little sand, in other words, take a small step forward and one small step back: kiss her passionately and then slow down a little, with this tug of war you will make her want to go to bed, then you will have already made a lot of progress, since in the preliminaries she will be aroused much earlier.

On the other hand, when the moment comes, you should prepare the environment, so that it is romantic and pleasant, play soft music and use a dim light, also take care of your image, wear sexy boxers and use perfume, also take care of your breath, if you have had dinner before it is a good idea to take a chewing gum or something that can improve the smell of your breath, in case you don’t have the chance to brush your teeth.

The 8 secrets to turning a woman on

  • Caresses are important: touch her, slide your hand over her back, brush her body with your lips, etc… A good idea is to start with a massage.
  • Look into her eyes: women find eye contact very exciting, while you caress her or while you play with her hair, for example.
  • Whisper things in her ear: whispering can be very exciting for escorts, choose the right words, without being vulgar.
  • Stimulate her clitoris: if you want her to have an unforgettable orgasm you should caress her clitoris, wet your fingers to start and caress it without pressing, rub it gently with your fingertips and draw small circles. Then you can continue with your tongue, following the same philosophy, i.e. don’t press too hard with your tongue and draw small circles.
  • Go slowly: in the penetration go at a gentle pace at least at the beginning, it doesn’t matter if she asks you to go faster, take it easy, this way the sensations will be more intense and the excitement will be greater.
  • Enjoy: if she notices that you are enjoying it, it will be very exciting for her to hear some pleasurable noise from you, and if you look her in the eyes you will make her go to heaven.
  • Be confident: don’t be too hesitant to try things you think she might like, experiment first and if you see that the reaction is good you can try more. For example, nipples are a very exciting area for women, but some women like to be treated gently and others more passionately. Try nibbling her nipples first and if the reaction is good, you can try being more passionate.
  • Vary the position: try different positions, where both you and she have the option to be in control of the moment with the independent escorts in Manchester.

Common mistakes when it comes to arousing women

Here are the common mistakes men make when they want to arouse a woman:

  • Not spending enough time on foreplay.
  • Not taking care of your personal hygiene and underwear. It is important that you smell good and that you wear the right underwear. Of course, not wearing socks to bed, that will lower any woman’s libido.
  • No distractions: answering the phone when they call or being distracted by anything else can break the moment.
  • Have condoms ready: if you take too long to put on a condom when the time comes, it can make the situation go cold. Avoid having to open the box and separate one condom from another… that’s a vital few seconds you can save by having the condom ready, out of the box and separated.
  • Not setting the mood: good music and dim lighting will help make things more exciting.
  • Kissing roughly: kiss gently and slowly, put all your concentration into giving good kisses.
  • The clitoris is not a magic button: don’t just focus on the clitoris, there are more areas of the woman that need your attention.

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